Scope of Practice in Animal Health

Physiotherapy is an applied science which possesses its own knowledge base, its own education methods and practical application based on that knowledge. Physiotherapy is supported by the best available evidence of effectiveness and research within this field linking theory and developing practice.

The practice of animal physiotherapy requires specialised skills and training, such as animal handling, anatomy, physiology, pathology.

However the scope of practice will still adhere to the overall scope of the profession of physiotherapy and retain its links to the four core skills:

  • Manual therapy (e.g. massage, mobilisation and manipulation)
  • Electrotherapy (e.g. ultrasound, laser and neuromuscular stimulation)
  • Exercise and movement (e.g. hydrotherapy and gait re-education)
  • Client education and counseling (e.g. injury prevention and activity modification)

Physiotherapists who have obtained the appropriate qualifications in dry needling are also allowed to utilise this as a treatment technique.